Unix vs Linux

Difference between Linux and Unix operating system:

  1. Linux is an open-source OS which is freely available to everyone. Unix is an OS which can be only used by its copywriters.
  2. Linux flavors include Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora etc. Unix flavors include IBM AIX, HP-UX and Sun Solaris.
  3. Linux is in great demand and anyone can use it. Unix was developed mainly for servers, workstations and mainframes.
  4. Linux is used everywhere from servers, PC, smartphones, tablets to mainframes and supercomputers. Unix is used in servers, workstations and PCs.
  5. Linux is freely distributed, downloaded and distributed. Some priced Linux flavors are cheaper than windows. Unix copyright vendors decide different costs for respective Unix OS.
  6. Linux is developed by sharing and collaborating by worldwide developers as it is open source. Unix was developed by AT&T Labs and various commercial vendors.
  7. Linux is command based but some flavors provide GUI based Linux. Unix was initially command based, but later common desktop environment was created.
  8. Linux supports more file system than Unix.
  9. Linux is a Unix clone, behaves like Unix but doesn't contain its code.

Case Study

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