Earn while you learn - Make money by joining the free DBA Genesis affiliate program

What is an affiliate and how does it work?

An affiliate is someone who promotes DBA Genesis courses and receives commission on each sale. You basically make money by recommending our courses on your website or social media contacts.

Once you enroll, you get a dedicated affiliate link for all the courses on DBA Genesis. You publish / share DBA Genesis courses with your dedicated link on your website / social media. When a visitor clicks on the link shared by you and makes a purchase, you receive a 10% commission.

Submit your application, our team will review and enroll you into Affiliate On-Boarding course. The course will guide you from zero to pro and start making money!


Affiliate program highlights

  • Competitive commission rates - 10% on each successful sale
  • Dedicated accounts manager
  • Dedicated on-boarding to help you start
  • No prior experience needed to become affiliate and start earning
  • All necessary tools and examples to help you drive more sales


Choose from the courses to promote

As a DBA Genesis affiliate, you can choose specific courses or all the courses to promote.

Get your dedicated affiliate link

Every affiliate gets their own dedicated link to promote courses. You can track sales and earnings from your own dedicated dashboard.

Promote on your website or blog or social media

Share your affiliate link by adding it to your website / blog / social media profiles. You can even simply email your affiliate link to friends!

Earn money for purchases!

The more you promote, the more money you will earn! Earn money for valid purchases through your affiliate tracking links and banners.

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