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No need to upgrade your system !!

I closely watch so many students at DBA Genesis who start with very high motivation to learn Oracle Database Administration but give up during the lab setup for practice on their home computer.

One of the biggest problems I have seen over the years is

"Not having a good lab for practice"

This problem was with me as well when I started learning Oracle way back in 2008! Every time a new version or technology is released, my old hardware used to become obsolete and I had to purchase a new one or at least upgrade old one.


Save time & money without purchasing a new hardware or upgrading existing one by owning a cloud lab

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of owning a cloud lab?
1. No need to upgrade your existing hardware or purchase a new one. You just need putty to play with cloud lab
2. Connect from anywhere in the world - Office, home, tablet. You just need to be on a public internet connection Single app download allows you to play with your cloud lab on your phone or tablet
3. You pay very nominal fees to use cloud lab, as compared to spending lot of money on a new hardware purchase
4. Monthly subscription labs - pay only for the time you use!
And much more...
How do I access the cloud lab?
Once you purchase any of the cloud labs, you will get IP address and login details in an email. You can use any SSH tool like Putty to access the cloud lab.
Can I access the cloud lab via mobile or tablet?
Yes, there are free SSH mobile apps which you can download and access our cloud labs even on a smart phone!
Can I open GUI from cloud lab on my windows machine?
Absolutely, you will have to use XMing software to open cloud lab GUI on your windows machine. Do not worry, we do have free videos on how to access your cloud lab GUI.
How can I cancel my cloud lab subscription?
Simple, just write to [email protected] and our team will stop your cloud lab subscription immediately.
Can I access cloud lab from my office?
Depends! you need to be on a public internet to access cloud labs.