How to Become a Database Administrator

Everything you need to know before starting your DBA career

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Here are few reasons to take this course

"It's been a pleasure learning with you and to get your expert guidance. It was really worth and a great experience. U guys really made me confident enough and motivated as well. I would definitely recommend DBA Genesis for future learning."

Divya Lalwani, India

Course Description

One of the most common questions asked to me still remains same "How can I become an Oracle DBA?". After replying to so many emails and helping students over calls, I decided to create this free course on everything you must know in order to become Oracle DBA.

Becoming an Oracle Database Administrator will be a good choice for your IT career success!

So many DBA trainers out there are publishing courses on Database Administration but do not share all the steps to become a DBA. This confuses students and they think "It's very hard to become a DBA".

Everything you must know about Oracle Career and get your first job!

It's completely not your fault as you do not have a proper step-by-step checklist to become a DBA. It's time for you to enorll into this course which is designed for freshers and IT professionals who have no clear picture on How to become a DBA.

What you'll learn

Get to know everything you need to become an Oracle DBA
Download fresher DBA checklist to accelerate your career
Understand the difference between Oracle DBA and Oracle developer
Figure out how to find DBA jobs as a fresher and where to start hunting
Know the different types of DBAs and what are their functions
Identify the day to day DBA tasks and see how DBA works in real-time

Course Requirements

Passion to become an Oracle DBA
Familiar with database concepts
Basic knowledge of computers
Good configuration system
Fast internet access to take this course

Target Audience

College freshers
Programmers or developers
Anyone who is planning to shift their career to Oracle DBA

4.5 hours of video

6 articles

Lifetime access

Meet Your Instructor!

Hi there! I'm Arun Kumar, owner and instructor at DBA Genesis. I created this platform to share my DBA knowledge with all of you. My vision is to simplify DBA learning in order to make you become more competent in your professional career.

I am an Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle RAC Certified Implementation Specialist and Oracle Certified Professional along with few more credible certifications under my hat.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to become a DBA but I have no experience. How do I become one?
You don't need a formal experience to become a DBA! Inside the course, we look at how to find DBA jobs as a fresher. This will help you identify the top 5 places in your area to find out Oracle DBA jobs and apply.
What is the difference between DBA and Developer?
A DBA administers the database by making sure database is always accessible. A developer write SQL and PL/SQL codes to implement business logic inside database.
What courses should I learn to become a DBA?
You must start with Linux and move up to Oracle DBA courses. We have detailed modules inside the course that walk you through each course you must learn!
Can I shift my career from Oracle Developer to Oracle DBA?
Yes! Off course. The step-by-step checklist will help you understand the right courses and certifications you must take to shift your career.
How much time it takes to become a DBA?
Depends on how much time you devote for practicing Oracle. Typically it takes around 90 days to complete DBA courses and be ready for interviews.

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