Linux for Absolute Beginners

You need no prior knowledge to benefit from this Linux video tutorial for beginners!

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Build Your Linux Foundation From Scratch

Shell Scripting

Lean the nuts and bolts of Linux shell scripting by defining variables and executing the stored scripts

Advance Shell Scripting

Write advance shell scripts using if-then-else, for loop, while loop and until loop commands

Linux Architecture

Understand the basic difference between Unix and Linux operating systems along with Linux licensing

Linux Users

Create, delete and modify Linux users by defining files and folder permissions to restrict accessability

Linux Filters

Be a smart Linux administrator by using simple Linux filter commands to refine output of your commands

Linux File System

Play with Linux file system, understand the tree structure, work with system directories and create your own files


"Time Saving. In 1 hr. of short lectures you'll get the knowledge to make your life easer. Covering not just the basic Linux commands but also advance Linux shell scripting practicals. Highly recommended"

- Priya S

Course Description

Linux is a free operating system, which comes under the GNU GPL license. It can be freely used on all products or applications which you develop free of cost. Linux operating system is everywhere, which means it spreads almost all over the world.

You need no prior knowledge to benefit from this Linux video tutorial for beginners

  • Download Linux OS and create a Linux virtual machine
  • Practice Linux commands to navigate Linux file system
  • Add new user to Linux and create user groups
  • Master Linux file permissions
  • Know the different types of shell in Linux
  • Write shell scripts to automate day to day tasks
  • Understand Linux crontab and user crontab editor
  • Schedule shell scripts under crontab

Basic system knowledge would be helpful for Linux beginners

We have Linux Administration course that covers all the aspects of Linux commands right from the Linux basics and gradually providing an overview of shell scripting in Linux. The course further advances by equipping you with Linux networking.

Our systematic approach with the multiple quizzes, makes you emerge as as PRO – Linux Administrator. You will be guided step by step using a logical and systematic approach. It uses video lectures and multiple quizzes to make you master Linux Administration!

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