Oracle 11gR2 RAC for Beginners

Learn to setup 2 node RAC on virtual box with this course

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Master 2-Node RAC Setup With This Course

Oracle High Availability

Know the high availability features provided by Oracle

Oracle Max Availability

Learn how to implement Oracle Max Availability Architecture

Oracle Clusterware

Perform Grids software download and install on 2-Node

Oracle ASM Setup

Create OS disk partitions to configure ASM diskgroups

Configure 2 Node RAC

Setup 2-Node RAC on OEL 6.5 using Oracle VirtualBox

Basic RAC Administration

Download scripts to administer Grid & RAC databases

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Shubham Gupta

Course Description

Oracle RAC allows multiple computers to run Oracle RDBMS software simultaneously while accessing a single database, thus providing clustering. The main aim of Oracle RAC online course is to implement a clustered database to provide performance, scalability and resilience. It’s a clustered version of Oracle Database based on a comprehensive high availability stack

Learn to deploy 2 node RAC using Oracle VirtualBox with this course!

The Oracle 11gR2 Real Application Clusters Administration course describes the Oracle RAC architecture, hands on experience and Oracle Real Application Clusters multi node installations. This course is for people who have prior knowledge on Oracle database administration and covers knowledge on topics like Oracle RAC Cluster, Oracle AMS, Oracle RAC administration, Oracle RAC Installation, Oracle RAC on VirtualBox and many more.

Administer ORACLE HOME and ORACLE GRID simultaneously along with ASM!

With this course, you will be make yourself familiar with Oracle clusterware technology and also oracle ASM administration. Oracle ASM binaries are shipped with Oracle GRID and we will setup 2 node RAC database on shared ASM storage.

What you'll learn

Master the different types of clusters in market
Practice Clusterware and ASM administration
Download and install Oracle grid software on Linux
Create RAC database on Oracle grid clusterware software
Master two node RAC installation
Configure Shared storage for two node RAC
Navigate ASM with sqlplus, asmcmd and asmca utilities
Setup public and private network

Course Requirements

Basic knowledge of Database Administration
Windows / Mac / Linux PC, Minimum 16 GB RAM and 100 GB HDD Storage
Virtualization software VirtualBox – To create two machines

Target audience

DBAs who would like to learn clustered Oracle Database
Its highly demanding technology in the current market
Anyone who would like administer Oracle clusterware infrastructure

Course Curriculum

  RAC Shared Storage Configuration in Virtual Box
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days after you enroll
  Tablespace and RMAN Backup in RAC
Available in days
days after you enroll

Meet Your Instructor!

Hi there! I'm Arun Kumar, owner and instructor at DBA Genesis. I created this platform to share my DBA knowledge with all of you. My vision is to simplify DBA learning in order to make you become more competent in your professional career.

I am an Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle RAC Certified Implementation Specialist and Oracle Certified Professional along with few more credible certifications under my hat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have quries after completion of the class?
You can contact our DBA Genesis support team, or you can send an email to [email protected] for your queries.
Is the Coures material is accessible after completion of the course
Yes, you can access the course material after completing course because you have life time access to the course.
Which version of Oracle RAC is taught in the course?
Oracle 11gR2 version.

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Learn to run multiple Oracle Instances while accessing a single database!

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