Oracle 12c SQL Fundamentals

Become an Oracle 12c SQL Certified Expert and clear 1Z0-071 certification exam

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Here are few reasons to take this course

" Hi Arun, I just wanted to thank-you. I recently got my 1Z0-071 certification after studying SQL course from DBA genesis. This was kind of my third attempt. I started studying for this certification before twice but didn't got the confidence to book the exam but after going through your course not only I got the confidence but cleared the exam as well. Thanks for sharing this knowledge. keep up the good work. Waiting for more exciting courses. "

Vishal Sharma

SQL Expert Certification Preparation Course

Learn Data Normalization

Learn to decompose tables to eliminate data redundancy

SQL Commands Types

You are going to learn five types of SQL commands

SQL Functions

You will master all the built-in SQL functions inside Oracle

Oracle SQL Joins

Play with different types of joins by joining multiple tables

1z0-071 Exam Dumps

Latest & Updated Exam Questions for you to clear exam fast

SQL Interview Question

Most common and useful SQL interview questions

Course Description

A complete courses that will not only make you an Oracle 12c SQL expert but also prepares you for Oracle 1Z0-071 certification exam in just two weeks! 100% complete course for you to start from scratch and become an SQL expert.

Become an Oracle SQL expert even if you know nothing about SQL with this expert course!

The course lessons cover every single topic that is part of Oracle SQL certification exam. This will help you to master each topic inside one single course. With every section having assignments will make you implement your learning and improve your analytical thinking.

A course that teaches you with hands on practice and makes you confident in clearing the 1Z0-071 certification!

At the end of the course, I have included sample certification dumps for your reference. This will help you test yourself even before appearing for the actual certification. There are many quizzes inside the course that will help you test your learning at every stage.

What you'll learn

Database design, data modeling and data data normalization
Select data from single and multiple tables
Play with Oracle SQL operators and perform data sorting operations
Perform multiple table joining with different types of table join commands
Learn the different types of SQL commands and run it against your database
Use Oracle SQL Developer to execute all SQL queries against Oracle 12c database

Course Requirements

Familiar with Windows OS
Familiar with Virtual Box
Basic knowledge of how database works

Target Audience

College freshers who are planning to start career in database administration
Oracle developers or DBAs who want to refresh their SQL knowledge
Programmers who want to improve their database querying skills

Course Curriculum

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Meet Your Instructor!

Hi there! I'm Arun Kumar, owner and instructor at DBA Genesis. I created this platform to share my DBA knowledge with all of you. My vision is to simplify DBA learning in order to make you become more competent in your professional career.

I am an Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle RAC Certified Implementation Specialist and Oracle Certified Professional along with few more credible certifications under my hat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I practice?
If you are an experienced Oracle DBA then you can configure a Linux Virtual Machine, Install Oracle database and practice. If you are a fresher then we suggest you to purchase your own SQL lab that you can connect 24/7 remotely. Write to [email protected] for more details on SQL lab.
Will I get certificate of completion?
Yes, every student who completes all the lectures inside the course will get the course completion certificate. You will be able to download the course completion certificate as soft copy in PDF format.
How can I prepare for interview and apply for jobs?
At the end of the course we have included latest Oracle SQL interview question and answers. This will help you prepare for SQL interviews.
Will I be able to clear Oracle SQL certification exam?
Yes, this course has been created based on 1Z0-071 certification exam curriculum. We have also included real-time SQL scenarios that you might face in your job.
I have no programming knowledge, can I enroll into this course?
This course is design by keeping beginners in mind. Absolutely no programming experience is required to master this course.
How much time will it take to complete this course?
This course is video based course and generally students, on average, take 25-30 days to complete the course.