RTP001 - RealTime Project

Wrong batch process ran against the database!

One of our client ran batch data operation (insert, update and delete) into a very important table. After the batch process completed, the client noticed that they ran a wrong file against the table. Now the client wants to revert back the table to the time before the batch process was started.

You must know Oracle database administration before taking this project.

Make sure you keep your strategies ready to discuss with your project manager (will be assigned after you enroll) before you are allowed to work on the client's server.

What will I learn
  • Strategis to perform table PITR

  • Reverting tables from user errors

Who is this for
  • Oracle DBAs

  • Database architects

What’s included
  • Study material to solve client's issue

  • Client's direct server access

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How will I execute the project?

    As this is a real-time project, you will be assigned a project manager (PM) after you enroll into the project. Next, you will be asked to select a time based on your PM's calendar and meet your PM on the schedule time.

    What happens during the PM meeting?

    You will present your solution to the Project Manger (PM) and the PM will guide you on how to proceed with the project.

    During this process, the PM might ask you to read/watch some specific material related to the project.

    Will I get the direct access to the client's server?

    No, the PM will share his/her screen with you and give you access to the keyboard and mouse. As this is a real-time project, you will be executing it under PM's observation only.

    What if my solution is rejected by PM?

    This is very common and happens usually! In such cases, the PM will guide you to understand the client's problem and help you define the scenario. Then you work with PM to find solution for the specific scenario.

    What happens after the project is completed?

    Each project is generally a single or multiple scenarios of a very big problem. Once you complete your project, you will be getting a link to read about all other scenarios related to the specific client's problem.

    Take the challenge and grab the project now!

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